8 Things In A Home That Need To Be Replaced After 10 Years

Homes are built to last, but they need work from time to time. That includes furnishings and appliances. A home’s bones should be good for many decades to come, and the same goes for the foundation. As a homeowner, however, you need to be familiar with what is going to need to be replaced from time to time. Here are 8 things in your house you should replace every decade.

Did the flooring you put down in your home have a lifetime warranty? Let’s be real guys. You should plan on replacing the concrete floors in your home every 10 years. Pair that with fresh paint for every room. Those are two jobs that should be handled every decade.

Now let’s talk about furniture and appliances. People do have high-quality furniture that lasts for longer than 10 years. But for the most part, you’re going to need to consider the fact that the appliances and furniture in your home aren’t going to last much longer than that.

Now let’s talk lighting. Lighting upgrades every 10 years are also a good idea. Any electrical issues can be addressed, and those fixture upgrades can be low cost and really pack a punch when it comes to increasing the value of your home. Call your trusted electrician.

Beds, including mattress and bedding accessories, should also be replaced every decade. Pillows aren’t even supposed to last that long. It might be nested by beg bugs or other insects. If you have a cheaper mattress, you might find that you don’t want to even keep it 10 years either. You can let it to a mattress/ junk removal service.

Now let’s talk plumbing. All the plumbing in your home needs to be inspected after it has been around for 10 years. In fact, annual plumbing maintenance is key. But after a decade, the inspection needs to be about what needs to be replaced. It is at that time.

There is also a misconception out there about roofs. If you have a shingle roof, plan on having it replaced after 10 years. Yes, they are said to last longer, but you will find that many professionals suggest that a decade is about all you should expect for the longevity of a shingle roof. Find a reliable roofing contractor.

Including swimming pool. If you have a cement pool, you will need to resurface it every 7-10 yrs.

Those are the 8 major things in a home that should be replaced every 10 years. That’s quite a lot, right? That’s why they say owning a home is not cheap when it comes to maintenance and keeping everything in working order.

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