10 Indoor Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Summer is already here and the temperatures are increasing rapidly each day and night. Well, here are the top 10 summer home maintenance tips to make your home comfortable.

1. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure you replace the batteries if necessary.

2.Make sure your cooling system is ready for the hot months. The AC unit should be serviced to provide the right cooling effect in your home during summer.

3.Check the chimney and make sure it is cleaned. It’s the right time to do it although you won’t use it during summer.

4.Remove any dust in the ceiling fan blades. Make sure the fan is balanced properly and in a good working condition. You can use a paint roller and a dryer sheet for the best results.

Make sure to clean your kitchen’s hood. You can let it to a hood cleaning service. Don’t forget to clean your grease trap if you have. Best to call a pro. Phoenixgrease.com offers fast and affordable grease trap services.

5.Clean your showerheads and replace them if there is any damage.

6.Clean the bathroom drains and unclogs if necessary.

7.Reverse the ceiling fan direction. Note that, if they spin counterclockwise, they will push the air downwards into your home making it remain cool and nice. Turn off the fans then wait for them to stop. Use the direction switch to point them in the right direction.

8.Clean all the baseboards in your home. You can wipe away any grime or dust present using a damp cloth.

9.Inspect your attic or basement. Are there any signs of mildew, dampness, leaks, pests, holes in the roof or mold? If it’s present, you need to repair the damage immediately before it spreads into other areas of your home.

For your roof, hire a roofing service to repair it to avoid water damage caused by roof leaks.

If you see insects like bed bugs, cockroaches and etc get rid all of it.

For mold, best to call a pro to remove it.

10.Clean the exhaust duct and the dryer vent. Clean out all the dust trapped here or you can call a professional to do it. Finally, don’t forget to change the filter in your air conditioner to make sure it’s working properly for the hot summer period.

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